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    Thanks for your browse! Jianchuan Museum Cluster is founded by Mr. Fan Jianchuan and locating at Anren Town of Dauyi County, the museum town of China. It covers an area of 500 mu, a structure area of 100,000㎡ and collects relics of more than 8 millions including 153 national Level Ⅰ relics. Its 4 series of museums including Anti-Japanese War, folk, “Red Age” and Wenchuan Earthquake focus on the subject of “Collect war for peace, collect lessons for future, collect disasters for serenity; collect folk customs for heritage”。 There are more than 30 museums, including 18 completed and opened, and 3 theme squares. It is a private museum cluster with the greatest investment, largest scale and exhibition area and most collections. Under the concept of “museum for leisure, relaxation of both body and mind”, it provides services of catering, lodging, entertainment, shopping, meeting, etc. while displaying the true history of China of the last 100 years.
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